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About MemoPuzz

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MemoPuzz™ aims to be the best puzzle game on mobile platform.

With this public beta release of MemoPuzz, You can play 2 types of puzzles and also have a random mode. Difficulty can also be changed.

Find the matching cells, and brag on with your stats! With a clean, modern and attractive design but also with some fancy game mechanics, this games challenges your attention span to the limit!

Test your attention's span limit! Try to make the best possible score by finishing the currently available game/difficulties modes and show to your friends, your new record!

Think your attention span has what it takes? Then take the challenge!


  • Beautiful, clean design
  • 3 difficulty modes
  • 3 game modes
  • Advanced algorithms
  • A plethora of elements to match

 iOS version is in development.

You can support our small dev team by clicking bellow. Any amount is deeply appreciated!


CozyCat Studios™ is a fresh start-up hosted under the Digitally Inkorporated™ brand and is living on its own resources.

We welcome any potential investor to help us bring the most talented developers, artists and sales people together, to fuel our next big project!

If you are one of the interested ones, drop us a line or two: